Taking Russian Hospitality to
a New Level
We are a "one-stop" hotel management service that provides you with all of the aspects of hotel management you may need. Our broad experience in operations, sales/catering, revenue management, marketing, e-commerce, accounting, financing, renovation, and employee relations will give your hotel a distinct advantage over the competition.

BSA specializes in tailoring our approach to your property's needs. We believe in working alongside you - not just with you - to always find the best and smartest solutions that get you the results you want. Now, our portfolio includes well-run properties of all kinds, as well as loyal guests. At BSA, our expertise is hospitality. You can have the most gorgeous views, beautiful seas, and serene hiking trails, but bad service can leave a longer-lasting impression.

Now, BSA leads the hospitality industry in attention to detail and - more importantly - attention to people. Our team takes an intuitive approach to reaching goals, adapting our skills to meet your needs. We'll help you uncover revenue opportunities and ensure that your property reaches its fullest potential. Thanks to personal experience, we know what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industry: every member of our team has been in it almost 10 years. And we have become experts in our disciplines through hands-on experience.

We identify the strengths and opportunities of each property and put the sales and marketing effort together customized for that property.

We know that each property is unique, so you can count on a customized plan that meets your goals and objectives. BSA's sales and marketing team will first audit your hotel's success factors, and then use them to build a comprehensive marketing plan.

You put a lot of work into making your property stand out, and we're here to help.

Our Team. Your Partner.

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