Leader direction of medicine
Gyuzel Filippova
Chief physician
2019 Russian Peoples' Friendship University (Medical Institute)

Department of health care organization, drug provision, medical technologies and hygiene of FNMO, health Organization and public health

2016 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education I.M. Sechenov

Faculty of postgraduate professional education, Gastroenterology

2014 South Ural Medical Academy (Chelyabinsk)

Defense of candidate thesis in the specialty of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology


Senior researcher, assistant of the Department of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, Ural state medical Academy, Yekaterinburg

2013 Ural state medical Academy, Yekaterinburg

Medical and preventive faculty, Specialization: Modern issues of therapy

2013 GBOU VPO UGMU Ministry of health of Russia, short-term refresher courses

Medical and preventive faculty, Specialization: "Teacher of higher school"

2007 Ural state medical Academy, Yekaterinburg

Medical and prophylactic faculty, Specialization: therapy

Member of the Association of gastroenterologists of Russia. Member of the society of hepatologists: all-Russian public organization "Russian society for the study of the liver"

Winner of the "Good Doctor" award in 2017.

Presently assigned as the Chief physician of the Medical center Mriya Resort & Spa.
Direction of medicine
About the project
Premium level medical center MriyaMED is important part of the resort complex in the Crimea on The black sea coast. We provide primary, specialized, including high-tech, medical preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation based on the use of natural healing resources. Today, the center's capabilities include the implementation of a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation activities in outpatient settings. Wellness programs are a comprehensive impact of the most modern technologies of hardware physiotherapy, balneotherapy, peloideterapii and physical therapy ensures the achievement of a stable clinical effect for a long time.

Admission to the MC is carried out by leading experts of the Crimea and Russia.

Main advantage of the medical complex Mriya Resort & Spa is one of the leading modern balneological complexes in the world. The combination of modern equipment and natural factors are at the heart of the relaxation and Wellness center. Water and mud carry many useful properties for the body and inner harmony. Energies of this natural wealth give calmness, tone and fill the body with strength. There are special pump room of natural mineral water "by Bisoli", Department of radon treatments based on the use of inert noble gas radon and its daughter products created in laboratory conditions; separation of pelotherapy using local therapeutic muds (peloids) Saaky's lake with lots of health and medicinal effects on the human body in our balneological complex.

The medical center of the complex is under the patronage of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, such interaction strengthens the position of the center, allows you to exchange experiences and provide information, rehabilitation and diagnostic support.

MriyaMED. We provide to our guests beauty, youth and health.
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Phone: +7 978 077 27 97
E-mail: info@blackseaalliance.com
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